Forgettable, but not bad

Instructing Sarah - Anne Rainey

This was sweet, if a bit fast-moving. Sarah and Greg have lived in the same complex for a couple of years. Greg is a love-em-and-leave-em kind of guy, but he's been obsessing over Sarah. He doesn't want to make a move because he's sure she deserves better than what he thinks he can give her. But then Brent moves in and starts eyeing Sarah, so Greg feels like he needs to make a move before Brent can get close to her. And who knew she was a virgin? And who knew once wouldn't be enough for Greg?


So while this was a sweet story and Greg treated her and her virginity with respect, the whole Brent thing just bugged me. He was standing there when Greg asked Sarah out, so why the hell would he walk up to her in the restaurant where she and Greg went (though Greg was not there at the time) and try to pick her up? Hello, douche. And Greg went a little too possessive caveman once he had Sarah. It was kind of sweet, but just a bit overbearing. 


This wasn't super long, and not a whole lot happened, which is why I call it forgettable. I enjoyed it, but it's going to get lost in my mind with the rest of the stories that are very much like this.